Multisystemic Therapy (MST) Supervisor

Job Location

Houma, LA, USA


Starting at $19.23 an hour

Type of Job


Published Date

June 10, 2022, 5:00:00 AM

Job Description

Do you have a passion for working with children and families? Start Corporation is looking for a compassionate, dedicated individual to lead our Multisystemic Therapy (MST) team in the Bayou Region and who want to empower youth and families by creating strength-based behavior change that will be sustained long after treatment ends.

Minimum Requirements

-Master's Degree in clinical or counseling Psychology, Social Work, or a related subject area.

-Professional licensure in related field preferred but not required.

Preferred Experience:

-Significant clinical experience in treating serious antisocial behavior in youth

-Direct use of pragmatic (i.e., structural, strategic and functional) family therapies

-Individual therapy with adolescents and adults using cognitive behavioral techniques

-Marital therapy using behaviorally-based approaches

-Behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance

-Implementation of interventions within or between systems in the youth’s natural ecology that affect or influence the behavior of the youth (i.e., family, peer, school, and neighborhood)

-Provision of group and individual clinical supervision

-Leadership role (informal or formal) including hiring, performance evaluation, and holding supervisees accountable for performance

-Training and collaboration with outside agencies

Preferred Knowledge:

-Family systems theory and application

-Social ecological theory and application

-Behavioral therapies theory and application

-Cognitive-behavioral therapy theory and application

-Pragmatic family therapies theory and application

-Child development research and its application in treatment

-Social skills assessment and intervention

Core Competencies

-Communicates respectfully and effectively and establishes professional relationships through active listening and demonstration of empathy and positive regard.

-Promotes recovery, independence, and personal choice for participants.

-Assists clients in identifying strengths, needs, and realistic goals to develop a service plan.

-Accurately identifies risk and responds appropriately.-Effectively teaches social skills and household management skills.

 -Demonstrates advanced knowledge of behavioral health symptoms, interventions, and impact.

-Maintains professional boundaries and operates within agency / ethical guidelines.

-Knowledge of agency and community resources and referral processes.

-Effectively supervises a group of social service professionals.

-Maintains team's compliance with fidelity and accreditation standards as applicable.

Job Duties/Skills Required

-Carry clinical and administrative supervisory responsibilities for 1-2 MST teams of 2-4 therapists each

-Conduct weekly group supervision and training for MST team to assure adherence to MST principles and the MST analytic process, and to assure clinician competency in implementation of interventions

-Conduct individual supervision as needed to target clinician competency needs and to remove individual barriers to effective implementation of MST treatment.

-Assure availability of clinical and administrative support to clinicians 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

-Collaborate with stakeholders, both external in the community and within the provider agency

-Promote and educate about MST with both internal and external stakeholders

-Generate and manage case referrals and manage clinician caseloads

-Collaborate actively with MST Expert around implementation of MST by the program, and to ensure continued development of own clinical skills and knowledge of relevant research

-Manage and report data on clinical outcomes and program practices

-Deliver MST to a caseload of 1-2 families, as required to address program needs

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance, Vision insurance, Dental insurance, Life insurance, Paid time off, 14 Paid Holidays per year for regular full time staff, Disability insurance, 401(k), 401(k) matching

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