Peer Support Specialist (Recovery Hub)

Job Location

Shreveport, LA, USA


From $11 an hour

Type of Job


Published Date

November 3, 2022, 5:00:00 PM

Job Description

Are you looking for a new way to connect with your community? Start is looking for a team member to work alongside specialists (mental health, housing, vocational, addiction) to serve community members with serious mental health disorders and/or substance use disorders. You will assist clients in overcoming barriers to treatment by engaging them with personal experience, and you will assist them by providing connections to various resources.

Minimum Requirements

●  High School Diploma or GED and personal experience with behavioral health recovery

●  At least two years of behavioral health experience preferred.

●  Be over 18 years of age.

●  Possess a valid driver’s license

●  Personal experience of homelessness is preferred.

Core Competencies

●  Communicates respectfully and effectively and establishes professional relationships through active listening and demonstration of empathy and positive regard.

●  Promotes recovery, independence, and personal choice for participants.

●  Assists clients in identifying strengths, needs, and realistic goals to develop a service plan.

●  Accurately identifies risk and responds appropriately.

●  Effectively teaches social skills and household management skills.

●  Demonstrates basic knowledge of behavioral health symptoms, interventions, and impact.

●  Maintains professional boundaries and operates within agency / ethical guidelines.

●  Knowledge of agency and community resources and referral processes.

Job Duties/Skills Required

●  Models recovery-oriented thinking and behavior.

●  Assist peers in skill building, goal setting, problem solving, conducting Recovery Dialogues.

●  Set up and sustaining mutual self-help groups.

●  Help peers build self-directed recovery tools which includes supporting peers in developing aRecovery Action Plan that has their recovery goals and specific steps to obtain to reach those goals.

●  Attends a monthly meeting for all Certified Peer Support Specialist.

●  Adheres to the Certified Peer Support Specialists Code of Ethics.

●  Complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and keep allinformation confidential.

●  Maintains a caseload of clients in need of specific social services. Conducts themselves with amanner of professionalism that is conducive to recovery from mental illness and overall wellness.

●  Provides supportive services for clients and arranges for the provision of services from communityresources based on the case plan.

●  Participates in setting case plan goals/objectives. Completes case plans with clients.

●  Interviews clients, families, etc. and completes assessments and other clinical documentation.

●  Completes case logs on all client services and insures that logs are entered into the electronic datamanagement system of the program they are employed by.

●  Performs regular case maintenance activities including documenting actions, making narrativeentries, preparing necessary reports and/or social summaries, etc.

●  Consults with facility personnel and administrative field personnel; collects and analyzes data to identify needs for the assigned special services program within the particular service area.

●  Ascertains resources outside of Start when necessary to meet client’s specific needs.

●  Completes community outreach to engage providers and stakeholders who work with the identifiedpopulation.

●  Helps to collect and maintain a Resource Directory.

●  Maintains a clear driving record in order to be able to drive company vehicles to providetransportation to clients.

●  Attends weekly and/or monthly staff meetings.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance, Vision insurance, Dental insurance, Life insurance, Paid time off, 14 Paid Holidays per year for regular full time staff, Disability insurance, 401(k), 401(k) matching

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