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Patient Navigator (FQHC)

Job Location

New Orleans, LA, USA


From $15 per hour

Type of Job


Published Date

March 13, 2023 at 5:00:00 PM

Job Description

Day-to-day duties will vary, some days will be spent in the clinic and other days will be at community-based events. Clinic days will include a mixture of grant-related tasks and clinic-related tasks. Community event days will be a joint effort with the HIV Outreach Specialist in which CTR is provided for interested community members.

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Psychology, Counseling, or related field 

  • Advanced health knowledge; medical assistant training preferable or some type of hands-on experience in healthcare  

  • Experience working with homelessness or underserved populations 

  • Knowledge of community resources and/or willingness to learn about and develop relationships with these resources  

  • Preferred lived experience/person experiencing homelessness 

  •  Willingness and eagerness to learn and grow both personally and professionally

  •  Sincere desire to help others, non- judgmental, and openness to new experiences are key personality traits

Core Competencies

  • Communicates respectfully and effectively with clinic staff and clinic patients.

  • Establishes professional relationships inside and outside of the company via written and verbal communication demonstrating good judgement, excellent writing skills, and exceptional interpersonal attunement 

  • With clinic patients, develop relationships using active listening, empathy, and positive regard. Approaching any patient situation with a judgement-free attitude is necessary

Job Duties/Skills Required

  • Successfully complete LA state Counseling, Testing, and Referral (CTR) training, which includes a written test and observation by the regional coordinator to be a certified counselor in the state. As a certified counselor, complete CTR in the community and clinic, providing testing, risk reduction counseling and referrals for HIV, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis. Complete necessary paperwork in compliance with state protocol.  

  • Assist HIV Outreach Specialist with searching for, locating, contacting potential event sites as needed. Attend outreach testing events with HIV Outreach Specialist. Maintain spreadsheets for grant activities. 

  • Conduct initial assessments of clients/patients (triage) for masters-level clinicians, which entails gathering medical, psychological, and social information (SDOH) in a sensitive and efficient manner 

  • Provide comprehensive client case management and supportive services to improve social determinants of health (SDOH) and focused HIV prevention •Supports medication administration and or any other medical interventions, primary/behavioral health services according to scope of competency/credential  

  • Confers on case management as part of Project Care Team

  • Assists clients in identifying strengths, needs, and realistic goals for service and care planning through active listening, empathy, and positive regard 

  • Facilitates linkage with community service providers, aid client in benefit eligibility/acquisition, coordinates appointments, reminders, transportation

  • Utilize electronic health records to maintain records and documentation 

  • Assist with other duties as requested


Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, paid time off, 14 paid holidays per year for regular full time staff,  401(k), and 401(k) matching.

About Start Corporation

Start Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1984. Our Mission is to promote opportunities, which enhance the self-sufficiency of people to empower them to live and function independently.

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