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Adult Services

Assertive Community Treatment
ACT is an evidence-based practice that improves outcomes for people with severe mental illness who are most at-risk of homelessness, psychiatric crisis, hospitalization, and involvement in the criminal justice system.
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Supportive Services for Veterans' Families
SSVF provides housing services to Veteran’s or Veteran’s with families to prevent homelessness or assist with securing permanent housing options. SSVF can provide rental assistance or security deposits to establish permanent housing for Veteran’s and their families that are currently homeless. In addition, SSVF can assist with homeless prevention services that can work to prevent a Veteran from becoming homeless.
Beautiful Beginnings Shelter
Beautiful Beginnings provides temporary shelter to homeless families’ with children. Families accepted into the shelter are provided with resources and supports to assist with employment and working towards permanent housing options.
Community Based Recovery Services
CBRS is community based supportive services program that is provided to people needing supports to live independently in the community. In addition to the Community Based Recovery Services, participants may receive a housing voucher or subsidized housing unit as part of their individualized service package.
Permanent Supportive Housing
PSH is community based supportive services provided along with safe, affordable, permanent housing. Best Practice PSH services are individualized, flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual; available when needed prior to, during and after the individual has moved into housing and accessible where the individual lives, as necessary.
Supportive Housing Programs
SHP programs are permanent housing programs that provide rental assistance and case management to qualifying participants. There is no timeframe for participation once enrolled in the program. Referrals come from the coordinated entry access points in the area, and applicants must be literally homeless to qualify.
Peer to Peer Recovery Services
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Isle de Jean Charles
Current permanent IDJC households whose primary home is on IDJC and who commits in writing to relocate from IDJC into permanent housing that is “safe, sanitary, secure, functional, and in good repair” through participation in the IDJC Resettlement Program.

Youth Programs

FFT and FFT-CW services are provided to the entire family. This usually includes immediate family members, but it can also include grandparents, aunts, uncles, relatives, close family friend, etc. FFT and FFT-CW follows the FFT model developed by FFT LLC. FFT and FFT-CW services typically last between three and six months and the family meeting with a therapist once or twice per week.
Description: Homebuilders is an intensive in-home crisis intervention and family treatment program designed to keep children and families safe, prevent the unnecessary out of home placement of children and to safely reunify children and families. Homebuilders therapist are available to their families 24/7 during the course of the intervention. Interventions last between 4-6 weeks and therapist work with the familys for 8-10 hours a week. Each therapist carries a caseload of 2 families at a time.
CPST/PSR (Community Psychiatric Support Treatment/Psychosocial Rehabilitation)
CPST/PSR services are provided to the identified youth in the home. CPST/PSR is a community based service that can be provided in the home, school and community settings. Services are not time based, but typically last between 6 months to 1 year, which allows individuals to move through the skills at their own pace. Individuals meet with a therapist weekly. Interventions are driven by the identified youth’s referral behaviors, with the goal of decreasing and eliminating the referral behaviors.